Project Details

The Himalayan Soil

Vision – Himalayan Soil

  • To preserve and research more in depth about historically indigenousingredients.
  • Promote these ingredients not just domestically but internationally on alarger scale as they will play a vital role in future.
  • Educate culinary and other students throughout country about theimportance of sustainability.
  • Set up a functional lab to give opportunity to such passionate individual to provide them world class equipment for their research.
  • A hub for students to come and experience the importance of science behind ingredients and have an expanded approach for future.

Evolution of Himalayan Soil

Being an non commercial initiative onlyway to grow this project was to visitcolleges , universities and create an pop upexperience to spread an understandingwhat sort of valuable resources doesHimalayas comprises of. As it not justhelps in sustainable future but helps fightone of the biggest issues of food shortage.By expanding our choices of ingredientsone just doesn’t promote an healthylifestyle but chips in on an sustainability

Educational Sectors

Speaking to over dozen culinaryinstitutions throughout India on anvolunteer basis on this topic wassomething which was unexpected and hadcurious response as foraging was beenintroduced for the very first time in India.For the young college students it wasgreat opportunity to broaden there horizonfrom curries and kebabs as India is muchmore to that.

Setting up the team

Setting up the teamGetting someone with Intense knowledgein Himalayas and Himalayan forests wasalways a priority in which Dr Anil thakurwho has been researching over 3 decadesabout Himalayan Indigenous ingredients.He was highly interested when Iapproached him as a chef it’s an greatsupport to work with professionals whohelp us drive the scene forward.

Taking it Global

Once gaining a strong hold overinstitutions I decided to take up the project, promote Himalayan indigenousingredients and create awareness howimportant the nature play its part insustainable future and even startedworking on self funded documentryHimalayan soil which is still have fewchapters away before its completion.

Importance of reaching masses

It is very crucial for us to reach masses as Indian sector and is completely oppositeto when it comes to its functional structure . Research somewhat never picks up thepriority of chefs and to change a mind set that Himalayan food is not About being spicy but spices which are completely 2 different things . Sharing an importance to bring exotic ingredients to the kitchen helps reduce the workload on nature asload of these ingredients are growing in masses in wild and been wasted due tolack of knowledge and awareness and on our planet ever resource matters andshould be utilized to its best . Sustainability is an important topic which should berooted to the education system.